Seeing our company’s significant growth through the past decades, I am delighted and proud. Since the first day we started, we planned to achieve two goals; one is to contribute to our buyers and the other is to contribute to the community.

For the buyer, we have always been endeavoring to create significant developments that is more than just a condominium unit. We make sure that all our developments reflect true meaning of home for home buyers to enjoy. It is a place to entertain the whole family, a great investment with high return and an asset to pass on to the next generation.

For the community, The Empire Dynasty Company Limited, one of the leading property development company, has been prepared and ready to move forward in becoming a big part in developing the standard of real estate business in Pattaya to international standards as a contribution to the country's sustainable growth and development.

In the future, property and real estate business in Thailand will continue to expand and grow continuously as a result of the policy from Thai government that focuses on the development of the country's infrastructure, which is an important part of sustainable economic development and national security. For this, we are confident that our products will continue to increase its value and our business will flourish as a whole.

Yours Sincerely,
Miki Haim
August 1, 2019


We commit to deliver an unparalleled living experience featuring quality materials and striking contemporary design at the most competitive prices.

We believe in the power of good design. We commit to improve quality of life by creating affordable living space incorporating technology, economy and design. We build not only home but valuable assets. We endeavor to keep our promise to make sure every detail is bringing us to be a leading and innovative lifestyle property developer fostering sustainability and well-being for all.


We build not only home but valuable assets.

Mr. Menahem Haim (Miki)
CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dor Haim (Dor)
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Pudthachad Sucharitakul (Sheena)
Chief Operation Officer


The Empire rooted from Matrix Developments, a fully integrated property development company founded by our CEO, Mr. Menahem Haim. Hyde Park I was the first low rise-8 floors- condominium project of Matrix. It was constructed on 2 Rai of land in the middle of Thappraya Road. Within a short period of time, Hyde Park I was sold out and clients demanded for more product from the company. Due to this solid start, Matrix releases its products to Pattaya property market ever since. Over these years, all our projects were borne out of an innovative endeavor together with demands of the continuously growing market in Pattaya. Individually, each Project is known for its unique features and location.

Evidently, we have never stopped creating completely new project, connecting function, design, market demand and the way we live to deliver trophy products to the market.







  • Hyde Park I
  • Pattaya Heights
  • Hyde Park II
  • Park Lane Jomtien
  • Sunset Boulevard I
  • Sunset Boulevard II
  • View
  • Paradise Park
  • Art on the Hill
  • The Vision
  • Amazon Residence
  • City Center Residence
  • The Orient Resort & Spa
  • The Empire Tower


We give you the highest luxury design.

and management comparable to a 5-star hotel. You will experience the full luxury of staying here.


Award Winner for Excellence 2011 – Best Developer in South East Asia from fifty strong panel of judges from around the world at Overseas Property Professionals Awards.


3rd Place, Bronze Winner Award of OPP Best Developer in Asia from fifty strong panel of judges from around the world at Overseas Property Professionals Awards.


1st Place, Gold Winner Award of OPP Best Developer in Asia from fifty strong panel of judges from around the world at Overseas Property Professionals Awards.


2nd Place, Silver Winner Award of OPP Best Global Developer in Asia from fifty strong panel of judges from around the world at Overseas Property Professionals Awards.


Highly Commended, Residential Development Thailand.


Best Development Multiple Units in South East Asia for The Vision Project from Asia Pacific Property Awards.


Best Residential Development in Thailand Award for City Center Residence from Asia Pacific Property Awards.


Best Apartment Project in Thailand Award for the Orient Resort and Spa from Asia Pacific Property Awards.


Best Apartment and Condominium Project in Thailand Award for the Empire Tower from Asia Pacific Property Awards.


Company Management and Potential ROI

Reliability, a track record of delivered projects and high moral ethics, plus a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, are requirements of a real estate developer in order for an investor to feel sound and secure about his purchase.

The Empire management is appreciated and well known as a reliable partner and has this background of a good name and is highly respected for its insider knowledge of the Pattaya property market. Our management created stunning and profitable real estate developments that generate ROI for its investors. Buildings of high quality that target all segments of the realestate market and that distinguish themselves through the eye for detail, outstanding construction work, in a superb and pleasant living environment, are the result of their diligent work.

As a developer who offer rental guarantee programs, we feel comfortable that our investors will be able to receive a minimum return rate of 7%.

Capital Gain and ROI Growth Factors